Just spent 1h at the gym. Even if it´s hard to go up in the morning i try to go to the gym everyday in the week. It gives me more energy so it´s absolutely worth it! Efter the gym I brought some breakfast with me from Thelins, smoothie and a yoghurt. To start the morning with a great breakfast is always good =)

/ Johan


Sunday at home

Yesterday when John came home we ordered some pizza. It was a perfect end of the weekend. Just chilling in the sofa and watching tv. Sometimes I can really enjoy doing nothing at all and just stay at home. This week i have lots to do at my job but i really like what Im doing! Today (Monday) we have a photoshoot with one of our BLOG FACES Frida. We will take some new fresh pictures of her and she is a pro so the pictures will look amazing Im sure.

/ Johan


Starbucks coffee saved me

Yesterday I was out with my sister and some friends. We had an amazing evening and I came home 04.30! I can’t remember when I was out that long. Today my head hurt a bit so I went to Starbucks and bought their biggest latte. It really saved my life ❤️