See you in 1 week

I´m so much looking forward for next week when we are flying to Florence to celebrate John´s mom. I´ve heard that it is stil summer over there =). I have never been in Italy before so this is my first time. Just walking around in the streets, drinking wine, eating pasta, dancing….. the list can be long!!!!

/ Johan


Out for a walk

Me and John went out for a walk around in our area. We are invited to my sisters place tonight for some tapas and games! It’s so nice with lazy Sunday’s 😊 



My family over for dinner

Yesterday my mom, sister and grandma came over for dinner. Even my to childhood friends Martin and Peter joined us! We had some nice food and we played games all night. My grandma is 84 years old but she stayed awake all night. It was really nice to see them again 😊.  



Getting company today

My friend Martin I is visiting us today. He will be staying at our place over the weekend. My mom and grandmother is also her so tonight I will arrange a dinner for us all! It’s going to be so much fun because we haven’t seen each other for such a long time. But first I’m going to take a long bath in our jacuzzi 😊😊 



Look at our new model!

I´m so happy to tell you all that Sindy is from today a part of BLOG FACES! She is absolutely stunning, cool, amazing and a lovely person with a great heart. If you want to book her contact her agent

Wish you all a happy Friday =)

/ Johan

Skärmavbild 2015-09-11 kl. 16.48.57

Tapas with friends

After my job yesterday i met John and some friends for some wine and tapas in town. We found a restaurant at Medborgarplatsen and there was a lot of people when we arrived. It was great to see our friends again over some food and just talk about life. Everyone is so busy with their own life´s and family so it is not that often we meet.

Johan x


Love my leopard jacket

I bought this leopard  print jacked last year and I most say that I stil love it a lot. It was not an expensive jacket but the price is not the imported thing if you ask me! Here is some pictures John took yesterday of me. After my job we went to Medborgarplatsen for some tapas with friends. I will update the blog later about that. Now Im on my way to a meeting and hey it´s FRIDAY <3

/ Johan


Amazing Johanna is also a part of United Influencers now!

Johanna Herrstedt is one of Swedens most famous girls on Instagram. With over 600 000 followers she inspires so many boys and girls around the world. Johanna is also one of our amazing models from BLOG FACES ( She is so sweet as a person and really down to earth. I´m so happy to tell you all that she now is a part of United Influencers as well! We are growing fast together and it feels amazing <3 You find Johanna´s blogg HERE

If you want to book Johanna as a model feel free to contact her booker

Johanna HSkärmavbild 2015-09-10 kl. 11.41.59Skärmavbild 2015-09-10 kl. 11.56.21Skärmavbild 2015-09-10 kl. 11.56.55Skärmavbild 2015-09-10 kl. 11.57.06

Workout Mood

After 1h at the gym my body is now filled with energy. I dropped by Thelins to get some breakfast before I went to the office. Even if I’m so tired when the alarm rings in the morning it is so worth it! I feel better, look better and have more energy during the day ❤️